Four Face Oil Hacks


Wait did I just say face oil? As in putting oil on my face?

Yup sure did.

If you are looking at me like I lost my mind right now because you’ve always heard to avoid oil, same girl, same. I was traveling to Paris for a skincare brand I was working with and they included a gift of a face oil from one of their French brands. I picked it up, and instantly thought. . . WTF am I supposed to do with this? Not put it on my face right?!?

My dear friend Nicole was on that trip with me and assured me that it was a fantastic product and that I basically had everything I thought I knew about oil for my face wrong. Imagine the look on my face when she told me that oil they gave me wouldn’t break me out, but instead change my life and my skin because even people with oily skin can use oil. Adding the oil on my face would tell my body to overproducing sebum which could help controlling oily skin. Mind Blown. However, as fast as that oil absorbed into my skin, she told me it wasn’t a replacement to my moisturizer because it oil kind of coats my skin so I still needed to layer something that pulls water into my skin and hydrates it. The oil is just the last step and seals it all it to keep moisture from escaping.

Ok, now that we cleared that up and your at least curious if not already a fan, let’s go over a few hacks for your newfound love, Face Oil.

#1 Use Face Oil For A Dewy Look

I’ve been using this highlighter in Golden Bronze from Mac for the past 10 years if not longer…..shhh. So many products I’ve loved have been discontinued, but this one has stood the test of time. Now that highlighting is having it’s 15 minutes of fame, and has taken over the beauty scene, everyone wants that coveted dewy look.  One of the best ways to get it, is to start with a dewy base. Enter: face oil!

You can either apply it to your skin before your makeup as a primer (being sure to let it soak in) or mix it in with your foundation. You can also use the face oil to highlight key areas like your cheekbones or apply it to your beauty blender or brush before blending in your foundation. Either way the results are a beautiful, healthy glow.

#2 Use Face Oil To Remove Makeup

The same oil you mixed in with your foundation can also help take it all off later! Are you double cleansing? Using an oil as your first cleanse uses the theory that ‘like attracts like.’ Using an oil based cleanser will melt off your makeup, and remove all oil based dirt from the skin. You should then rinse the oil off with lukewarm water, and follow with your normal cleanser. 

#3 Use Face Oil To On Your Cuticles

A lightweight oil that absorbs fast is perfect for your cuticles, especially in the winter months! I’m always washing my hands between being in and out of medical buildings to see clients or my kid’s schools which are overrun with germs. Between the constant washing and drier, cool air, they can get pretty dehydrated since cuticles have less oil glands to keep them moisturized. If mine stay dry too long, they peel and crack . . . and my nail girl starts cracking jokes. A little goes a long way so I try to rub a few drops in after using it on my face.

Here’s the one I use from The Things We Do Beauty since my skin is oily.

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