What is microinfusion and why my skin is obsessed


I was first introduced to microinfusions close to two years ago. It was starting to pop up in offices in Los Angeles, but there are so many treatments that I come in contact with that new ones don’t always hold my attention especially since I’m cautious of many peels and lasers as a women of color. When my partner Vanessa let me know she does them and seeing how excited she was especially since it WAS something she could offer safely for women of color, I immediately asked her to tell me everything about it!

So WTF is microinfusion and why is my skin obsessed? It’s a combination of microneedling by stamping and infusing the skin with serums simultaneously. In a clinic, a microinfusion facial may include a cocktail of what a provider may typically inject into a client’s face like Botox and Filler, but microinfusions are not meant to erase wrinkles, only soften them. It’s usually a treatment done as an addition to injectables to concentrate on the skin because it leads to instant gratification with the least amount of downtime. The typical results are eliminating fine lines and tightening of the skin for a “Glass Skin” effect. Here in Los Angeles, it’s usually a treatment recommended to Hollywood clients before a major event because it leaves a radiant glow with minimal downtime. I had one professional treatment and was hooked! Naturally I told all of my friends about it.

Like most treatments, you should be going in for a series, but being anywhere from $600 - $900 per treatment, most of us didn’t see Vanessa as often as was recommended.

So let’s fast forward a bit. Knowing this was a treatment that I loved and was Vanessa’s most popular treatment, you can see why we knew this was going to be our first beauty tool. We knew at-home therapies can never replace the multitude of benefits professional services have, but just like you still need to brush your teeth everyday after going to see the dentist, we wanted to offer a microinfusion device that can help enhance the results you get in a professional setting for home use. The response to making this more accessible for people as part of The Ritual Kit from The Things We Do Beauty has been incredible!

The Ritual Kit retails for $225 and contains one Dew & Go Microneedling Infusion Stamp and four Hydrate Skin Brew ampules. The treatment is recommended to do every 2 - 4 weeks so there’s enough to complete 4 treatments before needing another kit. Keeping your treatments on this schedule means the kit will last you 2 - 4 months. While some aestheticians are now doing a microinfusion facial with a mix of different serums, most microinfusion facials are done by medical professionals because they mix Botox and Filler into the vile. Our device comes with Skin Brew and none of those formulations will ever have Botox of Filler in it since that needs to be administered by a professional. The first Skin Brew we debuted is Hydrate which has a blend of snail mucin and moringa to leave your skin event ready or just ready to glow. 49 tiny gold needles puncture your skin every time you stamp your face with the Dew & Go, but it only feels like deep exfoliation. This treatment yields smoother, brighter, and healthier skin within days - with minimal downtime.


Does it hurt?! You ARE poking your face with needles, but these are tiny needles thinner than a strand of hair. Everyone has a different threshold for pain, but this should just be a tiny prick. As a tip, remember you are going to tap lightly. The needles do all the work for you so you don’t have to press hard.

So what should you expect after using the Dew & Go at home? We recommend this as an evening ritual so after you’ve cleaned your face and then started stamping in the Skin Brew, you will leave the Skin Brew on your skin without rinsing off and not use any other skincare items that evening including your PM retinol. In the morning, you’'ll rinse your face off with a gentle cleanser. Your skin will be more sensitive to stronger ingredients so ease into them on day 3 after using the Dew & Go. You can jump off your retinol the week before and for a week after your treatment. For the first 24 hours after the treatment, don’t use any makeup on your freshly stamped skin. Since using the Dew & Go can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, while we recommend sun protection EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE, be sure not to “forget” in the days following this treatment.

We’ve been having requests to purchase additional ampules of Skin Brew for those who want to stamp more areas like their neck, chest, and hands so look out for that in the upcoming weeks.

So what do you think of this treatment? Would you give this a try at home?