ABOUT Jasmine

I fell in love with fashion while living in Manhattan in my 20s and loved piecing together the trends that floated down the runway. With a Sephora on every corner, my years in NYC also encouraged my love of beauty, but I didn’t become a skincare enthusiast until after moving to Los Angeles. 7 years ago I starting working in the aesthetics industry which made me start to pay attention to my skin.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet all sorts of prominent dermatologists and fascinating estheticians as well as pick up a few of their tips and tricks. Couple this with a habit of staying up to date on ingredients and skincare trends while working for medical grade skincare lines, and I felt well informed to start my 30s using all the best active ingredients and beauty tools while living in Los Angeles kept me at the pulse of trends in wellness.


jasmine pennamma.jpg

1. What are you reading?

I have to carve out some time in the morning to catch up on what’s happening in the world and reflect. Most of what I read first are industry publications like WWD, Glossy, and CEW as well as magazines on my app like Allure, New Beauty, and INC. My guilty pleasure when traveling are picking those magazines up in the form of glossies as well as Harvard Business, Forbes, Inc and Fast Company. I have google alerts set on several topics so that I can stay on top of articles on various topics like aesthetics, leadership, and, social strategy. I also follow health and wellness blogs, like Well + Good because I’m always looking to push myself to lead a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family.

5. What is the best piece of advice you’ve gotten?
Trust your instincts. The biggest mistake you can make is being afraid of making a mistake.

6. Favorite motto or inspirational quote.
I don’t know if there’s an exact quote to go with this, but I remember a mentor telling me one day to switch my mind frame from “why me” to “why not me” in my 20’s. I think about this a lot whenever self-doubt starts to bubble up.

5. What is your evening routine like?
I’d like to say some kind of zen answer about a moment of reflection or deep breaths, but it’s been pretty chaotic and involves me having to tell my kids to go back to bed at least once. This is why I try and at least wash my face when I first come home so at least that’s done before I pass out! Now that they are getting bigger it’s getting a little easier.