Mermaid Off Duty


Orange County. The OC. Whatever you call it, it’s pretty far from me so i don’t find myself talking adventures there often, but when my friend mentioned there was a place we could take the kids where the girls could be mermaids, it was worth exploring. Alaia and her best friend were getting ready to graduate and we were looking for something special to do for the girls. Having a son I was kind of worried there wouldn’t be anything fun for him to do, but they also had a pirate experience so he could join in the fun. Since we had littles, we did the cheapest package for them in case they weren’t actually that interested and opted for the full package for our 5 year olds.

Honestly, everyone was entertained. I actually thought my son was entertained the most once he was transformed into a pirate and got to run around with a sword after the pirate from Once Upon An Island. While everyone loved the experience inside and getting transformed, getting to go outside and into the ocean with a fish tail. . . . yeah. They are both still talking about this one!