Morning Glow


With the kids, sometimes I’m left with more time in the mornings than I’d care for because someone woke me up on their time. The one good thing about that is I have a little extra time on my hands for a skincare step some people only reserve for the evening. Are you a fan of morning masking? If not, you will be soon.

One of the masks I helped create for The Things We Do is called Liquid Lift Sleeping Mask. It is a lightweight gel sleeping mask that will infuse your skin with Organic Oats, Vitamin B5, and plant-based Hyaluronic Acid to nourish, tighten, and plump your skin.  I go through a lot of stress in life on the daily, but our skin has it’s own set of drama as well. Ever hear of the term beauty sleep? It’s a real thing. Our skin uses nighttime to repair itself from all the damage that was caused by sun exposure, stress, and pollution during the day so having a PM skincare routine that looks different from your AM skincare routine means you are incorporating products that are helping you take advantage of that natural repair process. (Retinol is one of those PM only products I’ve sworn by since my 20s because it helps encourage skin cell turnover.)  

Now since our skin also loses moisture at night, I love Liquid Lift Sleeping Mask as a hydrating treatment as the last step in my routine to draw moisture into the skin. What I didn’t expect when we were formulating it was how often I would reach for Liquid Lift Sleeping Mask during the day. As a consultant, I’m working from home most days talking to everyone via email or video calls on Zoom so I don’t usually wear foundation on those days or much makeup at all until it’s time for me to go in the office to help direct photo and video shoots for their social media channels. Some of our early product testers for The Things We Do’s skincare line were makeup artists.  When we were talking to them about when they incorporated this mask compared to our ladies using it in their evening routines, they would use it as a 15 minute treatment by putting on a generous amount to boost hydration before doing their client’s makeup which helped make their client’s skin look look dewy instead of potentially cakey with their foundation so the makeup application looked it’s best.

So now if I’ve been woken extra early from a kid with a bad dream and can’t get back to sleep on a day that I have in person client meetings, I’ll just go ahead and wake up and start my day before the kids wake up to get a head start on my day, including my skincare routine. I’ll reach for Gly Glow Exfoliating Scrub and leave it on my skin 5-10 minutes like an exfoliating mask and follow with Liquid Lift Sleeping Mask while I’m making lunches then rinse and do my quickie AM skin routine and 5 minute workday makeup sesh that’s half done at home.... and half done in the car. If I’m working from home, I’ll wait until drop off to start masking and then throw in a red light treatment with my Light Stim for Wrinkles while the mask is on and I’m drinking my morning matcha or checking emails. (Pro Tip: While at a trade show, the representative leading a session explained that it’s okay to use it in conjunction with a clear mask, but using something that wasn’t transparent would be pointless to use while trying to get the benefits of the light)

So while I love using this mask as the last step in my skincare routine in the evenings, I love being able to integrate it into my mornings or before an event if I have an extra moment to indulge. Do you ever do a morning masking routine?