5 Mother's Day Gifts You'll Want To Add To Cart And Send To Yourself


For 99% of moms, we spend the majority of the year trying to figure out how to take care of everyone else.so we should be sure to remember to treat ourselves a little too! When I was a new mom, the one thing I wanted for Mother’s Day was a day away. My favorite places to stay were at The Ritz Carlton Bacarra or Monarch Beach which were both close enough we could pack up everything I needed and throw in the car while being outside of Los Angeles enough to be a resort with grounds to walk on and play with the kids instead of being stuck inside a hotel. I just wanted to spend the weekend in a fluffy robe where I had no dishes to do and someone else picked up after us so the room was totally clean when I walked through the doors. It’s totally a bonus that these places also have Mother’s Day brunch because why wouldn’t I like a brunch in my honor?!

Now that the kids are older and life has gotten even more hectic with sports games or activities on the weekend, we’ve been keeping it local. A champagne brunch is always a great idea, but there are a few things on my radar that I think would make a great gift for any mom on the go or to gift yourself later if you wake up with a coffee mug for the 8th year in a row. Time to treat yourself for all those butts you’ve had to wipe, mama. You deserve it!

valley b


I’m a sucker for beautiful flowers, but flowers, supplements, and sage?! Sign me up for this gift box from Valley Brink Road! There is nothing in this set that’d I’d want to re-gift. This is such an LA gift, but I LOVE it! If you’ve ever seen my IG Stories you know how obsessed I am with Moringa. (It’s also an ingredient in our new Skin Brew hydration ampule for our Dew & Go microneedling infusion stamp!) It also has one of my favorite brands, Foursigmatic (mushroom coffee is not as scary as it sounds) and a few things I haven’t tried yet that I’m curious to taste. For the most part, I just love flowers so ordering a delivery from Urbanstems or something similar is my go-to, but I’ve had my eye on these boxes long enough to want to splurge on one finally.



It’s so cliche to say you have to give in to some form of self-care, but I learned the hard way that you truly do need to give yourself some space. It’s a lot easier for me to say this now, but for the longest time, I thought self-care was so selfish once I entered #momlife. There was SO MUCH TO DO, always. Who had time to do things for themselves’? I also had terrible anxiety so I often convinced myself something terrible was going to happen at any moment so I didn’t even want to leave them with anyone else to be able to catch a break. Seriously. I was that mom that would wake up a sleeping baby to see if they were still breathing.

As you probably guessed, at some point after my second child, I hit a point of burnout so now I make it a point to set aside some downtime for things like a massage or facial. I don’t do either as often as I should because a) expensive and b) life, but I love the casual-chic massage boutiques popping up her around Los Angeles. My favorite is The Now because they have a few locations, incorporate CBD for when I’m going in because of pain vs just a random massage and I love that there’s a dose of woo with the crystals and palo santo. As a bonus, if you go in person to purchase the gift card, they have a boutique to include little things in a gift box and there is literally nothing that they’ve curated that you would go wrong with purchasing.

SMITH & MARA 14K Gold Topaz Suspender


For the first few years of motherhood all I wanted was mom jewelry. I asked for initials, something that spelled mom, my kid’s birthstones. . basic things like that. In my mind I thought that mom jewelry signaled to the rest of the world that if I was out in public looking disheveled and somehow without a child. . . it was because I was a mom. Now that I’m out of the newborn and toddler phase and able to put myself together again, I’m ready to get back to getting beautiful pieces of jewelry. Before kids, my style was really bold statement pieces, but after getting out of the habit of wearing that with babies that like to tug at shiny things, I’ve switched to more delicate pieces. This piece from Smith & Mara is the perfect mix of being delicate and fine while still making a bold statement.



I’ve saved the best gift for last! When I was living in NYC, I always thought meal delivery services were for Hollywood stars. Over the past few years there have been several companies that have popped up that have been affordable, but it wasn’t until life with kids that I started considering it again. I’ll do a full review on Catered Fit because I’ve tried several services like Blue Apron and Plated, but this is my first time getting a delivery that is fully cooked already. Now that I’ve tried this, I don’t know if I could ever go back. to having to prep everything because for me, the reason why I’m ordering these meals is a convenience during really busy, hectic weeks. I also appreciate that Catered Fit has an emphasis on calories and meal plan type (vegetarian, paleo, etc) because summer is around the corner and my other subscriptions were pretty heavy on carbs and calories. I also usually do a juice cleanse from Pressed Juicery over the summer, but love that I can order it from here with the rest of my meals and save myself a trip.

The big advantage this company has for me is that they have KID MEALS!! Since they are individually portioned, I can order something specific to each kid in the same way I can order paleo for me and vegetarian for my husband. Last week I was in the middle of a launch which was SO HECTIC with late evenings and mornings that were busier than usual. Mornings are usually crazy between trying to make breakfast and lunch to send to school on top of getting everyone ready so having those meals already ready left me with so much time. I actually got to even enjoy my matcha while it was still warm. PRICELESS. This delivery service is the gift that keeps on giving.

If you have time to meal prep for everyone in your family, more power to you, but for anyone on the go like me, this will be your lifesaver! Jasmine Pennamma readers can get $25 off their first order of $145+ off Catered Fit meals using code AESTHETICINFLUENCER. Have you ever used a meal delivery service? What did you think?